Missing Persons Investigations of a New Age

George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four was first published in 1949. You’d have thought that his vision would no longer be up-to-date 65 years later. The world he described was a world where Big Brother was watching people, constantly seeking information about crime think or any other kind of offence against the glorious super state of Oceania.

Edward Snowden showed us, that what Big Brothers these days are doing is not all that different from what Orwell described. Sure, the technology is quite different from what he had envisioned, but Orwell’s novel is not about science and technology, but about the horrible world where governments might monitor our every move, observe us in our most intimate moments and know about everything we do. Modern day supercomputers, satellites and all sorts of technology make that easily possible for various government agencies.

Yet there is so much information out there that is easily accessible without any spying satellites, supercomputers or without bugging mobile phones. It’s the information millions of users are putting online every day of their own free will, just to get some likes, re-tweets or shares. People tell themselves that they are doing this to stay in touch with each other, but they fail to realize how much of their personal information they are giving away every moment of every day.

With more than half of Australians being active on Facebook, it seems like this would be the most promising social network to start an investigation. The information found on Facebook is truly varied. There are photographs, comments as well as check-ins that give away a person’s current location. Furthermore there is a time stamp on everything, which makes it easy to create a collage of events a person went through at a certain time. No special equipment is needed for all of this with much of it capable of being performed with a simple smart phone.

Of course people tend to forget, that social media doesn’t mean just Facebook and Twitter. Apart from other household names like LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest, there are dozens of other smaller, niche websites that cater to all sorts of profiles. Finding information across all of these platforms can turn into a large investigation on its own.

Investigating social media is not only about snooping either. People tend to forget, that Facebook is first and foremost a platform for communication. As many people from the younger generations no longer even have a landline and choose not to publicly reveal their mobile number, Facebook and other social media may be an easy way of tracking them down for communication or to even serve court documents.

Being a private investigator and not knowing anything about social media is something that has become unimaginable in this day and age. While traditional methods such as surveillance are still very effective, they are considerably supplemented with comprehensive desktop investigation based on extensive social media profiling and as the next generation moves more of their life onto the internet the value of this brand of profiling is only going to increase.

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Online Shopping Deals for College Students

Going to college represents the beginning of an unprecedented level of independence for most students. They will live apart from their parents for the first time and be required to make daily decisions related to everything from academics to personal finances. Some young adults thrive in this situation, but others end up making poor choices that have lasting consequences.

For instance, one familiar problem among this age group is money management. In fact, the idea of a “broke college student” is so commonplace as to be cliché. That’s why it’s important for young adults to learn how to get the most out of their money by shopping for hot deals and discounts on whatever they want to buy rather than settling for full retail price. By performing even basic price comparison research, they can enjoy significant savings on many of the products college students need most, including the following.

Laptops and electronics. Laptops are preferable to desktop computers because of their portability and space-saving features, but they can be hard to shop for since prices and features vary greatly. This is where an automatic price comparison tool, which scans the offerings of thousands of merchants in mere seconds, can help quickly uncover hidden savings. The same goes for other must-have electronics such as Blu-ray players, MP3 players, speakers, and home gaming systems.

Textbooks and school supplies. Textbooks are notoriously expensive, so finding hot deals on the semester’s required reading list can result in savings of hundreds of dollars. Since you’re not likely to get the best bargains on campus, be prepared to stock up on books, pens, highlighters, and other school supplies at an online store.

Furniture and accessories. Dorm rooms are so sparsely furnished that they could easily double as monks’ quarters. In order to make the room more cozy and homelike, students will have to purchase some basic furniture and accessories. Wall art, such as framed prints or posters, are always a hit in dorms, and futons or beanbag chairs can help make the space more comfortable. Performing a quick price comparison at multiple web stores can lead to hot deals on new furnishings. Best of all, online merchants can ship directly to the dorm for a hassle-free move in day.

Linens and bath items. Students are expected to supply their own linens and bath items, too. This usually includes such things as a mattress pad, bed sheets (extra-long twin size), blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and a comforter, as well as towels, toiletries, flip-flops or shower shoes, a shower caddy, and a bathrobe. Most stores have white sales in July or August, so it shouldn’t be hard to find hot deals in those months.

As students prepare to leave for college, they should be equipped with some basic shopping and budgeting know-how so that their newfound independence doesn’t lead them into financial trouble. Learning how price comparison works is a simple first step that can deliver immediate results in the form of cash savings on every purchase. Begin by shopping for hot deals on the above school items, and move forward from there.


Online Shopping – Why It Has Become Popular

The internet has opened a whole new way to get things done. Buyers can now practically find anything they need online and even have an easier time making their preferred purchases. This is because online businesses not only make the products available, but also offer added services to complete the experience. It is a mode of shopping that is rapidly taking over and this is thanks to the benefits it has to offer to the shoppers.

The Convenience Advantage

The most outstanding benefit of shopping online is convenience in the sense that you can shop even at night and from your bed for that matter. You only need an internet connection to find what you need and actually make the purchase. It saves you time you would have otherwise used in going all the way to the stores. With the online stores, you can make last minutes plans and put everything together within minutes.

The Money Saving Advantage

Every shopper knows the importance of saving some money even when going for high quality products. This is what online shopping has to offer considering that cheap deals and discounts are always available. Buyers making purchases directly from manufacturers end up saving plenty of money. Elimination of middlemen improves retail prices and offers even better prices when buying your products in bulk.

The Variety Advantage

The online platform offers buyers plenty of options in terms of products and brands. New products are introduced in the market fast and easy making them available to buyers as soon as they are launched. With such a huge variety, you will have all the freedom to choose the best colors and sizes of the products you are after. You can also make comparisons for the products you need from different brands to get the best and at a price you find most reasonable.

The Crowd Advantage

When you shop from the convenience of your home or office, you are saved from the market crowds usually present in offline stores. Crowds can make your shopping experience terrible, especially when you have to carry your shopping bags loaded into the crowds trying to find your way home. Online shopping offers you a quiet and calm shopping experience and you can even have your purchases delivered to where you are right at your doorstep.

The Discreet Purchase Advantage

Some products can be very sensitive and private making it harder for some people to directly purchase from sales people in the stores. With online shopping, you can buy your most discreet item without any embarrassments. They include sexy lingerie and adult toys among others. You can be sure nobody is watching you and the choices you make with the online option.

The Compulsive Shopping Advantage

Shopkeepers can lure you into buying items you didn’t intend to buy in the first place. When shopping online, this kind of compulsive buying is eliminated. Your choices are not compromised and you don’t end up buying items you didn’t need. Impulse buying is reduced, saving you money.

Apart from enjoying a pleasant shopping experience, you can earn cash back for shopping online. This is thanks to cash back sites that give you a chance to make some money when you spend some money. This can work out with some great savings making your purchases cheaper than they previously would have been. Whenever you shop online it’s always worth checking out the various cash back sites to see which one offers the best cash back and any other benefits.

Online Shopping Made Safe

There is none denying the benefits of online shopping. The selection there is extensive, with many bargains, and if you choose the right vendor, returns are no problem. The best thing is the fact that it’s fast and secure. Well, there are some bad guys wanting to make a quick buck off you, but there are ways to avoid them. Here are some tips to make your online shopping as safe as possible, so that you can begin the process of checking items on your shopping list for holiday season.

Patronize known sites

Patronize a reliable site instead of searching sites on the net. The results of the search can be manipulated to take you off your track, particularly when you move away from the initial few pages. The chances of your being taken for a ride are low on using a known site. Some well-known sites that offer almost anything you may need are Amazon.com, Best Buy, Target and Home Depot etc. You must carefully watch the spellings of different sites (.net rather than .com etc.) You are likely to find offers on such sites very tempting and get tricked into giving your personal info.

Check for the padlock

Don’t ever use your credit card for buying any item online from any site that lacks SSL (secure sockets layer.) You can easily recognize the sites with SSL from their URL, which should start with HTTPS:// (and not HTTP://). You’ll notice a locked lock, touching the URL in its address bar or inside the status bar at the foot of web browser, depending on the browser you may be using.

Don’t disclose all

Online shopping stores don’t need to know your birthday or social security number. If some crooks come to know it, along with the number of your credit card, they can potentially cause you serious harm. The more information they get, the easier it becomes for them to pilfer your identity. As far as possible, try giving the minimum possible information.

Verify statements

Don’t wait till the end of the month to get your financial statements. Keep regular checks on your online statements pertaining to your debit card, credit card and even checking account. On sensing anything unusual, make it known to the concerned agency.

Don’t pay credit card bills unless you are sure that all transactions there are correctly reflected. Your bank or Credit Card Company gives you thirty days for notifying them of any errors. Beyond that time frame, the liability is yours.

Have strong passwords

It is vital to have unique passwords while shopping online and banking. It is safer to keep changing your password more often, especially if you frequently patronize the net for all your shopping.

Don’t use public computers

Though most people know that using a public terminal to make purchases is not a good idea, still many of them do it. If you find yourself among these people, at least remember to log out from your accounts before leaving, even if the only thing you did was check your email.

Another bad idea is to use your laptop for shopping while you are in a public place, like a coffee place. Anybody standing behind you might take a peak and see your credentials. If you must operate in such places, at least pick a place with your back against the wall.

Mobile safety

According to recent studies, almost 6% of all adults will use their mobile to search and compare products before making an actual purchase. The safest way to shop through your mobile device is to use apps provided by known and trusted retailers.

Ecommerce – The Importance of Having a Privacy Policy

A privacy policy, also known as an information management policy, is an agreement between a website operator and a website user that determines how the operator intends to use, collect, store, share, and protect the data that the user shares through interactions with the website. Even a little more than a decade ago, some commercial websites did not have privacy policies, but now, virtually all websites have one. These policies, which should be separate from the website’s terms of use agreement, are a necessity for several different reasons.

The Policy Can Foster Transparency and Trust between Operators and Users

In connection with privacy policies, website users usually want to know two things: what information the website collects and how that information is used. Best business practices dictate that website operators let users know the answers to those two questions and let them know how to control that use.

Some websites inform users that they simply collect information for their own use, and other websites disclose that they provide that information to third parties under certain circumstances. eBay’s privacy policy, for instance, tells users that it does not “disclose your personal information to third parties for their marketing and advertising purposes” without the user’s explicit consent. The policy says eBay may share personal information to third parties when it is necessary to prevent fraud or use the eBay website’s core functions. The extended version of eBay’s reader-friendly policy could be improved by specifically informing users at what points of service the information is collected and how it is shared at each point.

A website should also update users whenever the privacy policy changes. It should let the users know when the new policy will go into effect, and it may allow users to agree to the changes, explicitly through a dialogue box or implicitly through continued use of the website.

The Policy Can Help Shield You from Legal Liability

Although there is no general federal law outlining privacy policy requirements for websites that collect information from adults, several state laws and minor-specific federal laws exist. For instance, the California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 (OPPA) requires that website privacy policies must contain certain information, including: “personally identifying information collected, the categories of parties with whom this personally identifying information may be shared, and the process for notifying users of material changes to the applicable privacy policy.” The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires operators to maintain a privacy policy if the website is directed to children under the age of 13 or knowingly collects information from children under the age of 13.

Read for more for additional information regarding privacy policies, terms of use agreements, internet business, and eCommerce.

Darin M. Klemchuk is an intellectual property (IP) trial lawyer located in Dallas, Texas with significant experience enforcing patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret rights. He is a founding partner of Klemchuk LLP. He was selected to be included in the Internet Lawyer Leadership Summit, a group of lawyers in the US focused on Internet law issues. He also practices commercial litigation and business law, social media law, and ecommerce and IP licensing.

Online Shopping is One of the Most Pleasant Experiences

Shopping is not just a necessity; it is also a pleasant experience for many people. Some people take their time shopping while others keep their shopping experience brief. With millions of people around the world shopping online daily, the internet retail industry is flourishing with no signs of slowing down. The internet has now become a place where everyone can enjoy a lovely shopping experience.

The following outlines why online shopping is one of the most pleasant experiences:

1. A fun part of online shopping is instant access to any product you can imagine. From home products, personal products, pet products, adult and children items, jeweler, and so much more, a person can find anything they want without leaving their home. They don’t have to worry about time, travel, and how they are going to get their purchases home. It is relaxing and a stress-free way to shop. You don’t have to worry about traffic congestion, crowd, gas expenses such as you would with shopping at a traditional brick and mortar store. Anything you want is just a mouse click away.

2. Saving money while shopping online is a satisfying reward. One can take advantage of discounts, free shipping, and comparison shopping so they know they are getting the best product at the best price. For discounts or coupons, online retailers can provide a button or text link that will apply a discount to the order, or they may issue a specific coupon code to be entered at checkout.

3. The convenience makes online shopping an enjoyable experience. Shopping online is available the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As well, there are no parking issues and open store hours to worry bout. You can shop at 9:00am or 3:00 am, whatever time best fits your schedule. For the elderly or people with children, the convenience is particularly helpful.

4. Customers will also be happy to receive more information about a product or service. There is more space for providing details as well many online merchants can use video to demonstrate a product. You can also access reviews by other shoppers who have experience with the product or service.

5. There is more of a selection when online shopping. Many online merchants store their products in large warehouses allowing them to offer more of a selection. In a traditional brick and mortar store, they can only hold so many items. With the vast amount of products available, customers don’t have to settle on a product. They can acquire exactly what they want.

Shopping on the internet is very easy and fun. You can search a particular store or visit an internet shopping directory. These directories, as well as online shopping malls, have the shops and products categorized allowing for quick and easy access to exactly what you are looking for. There are links to a host of online stores providing quality items and services and products. As well, there are stores from all over the world you can browse.

Once you have completed shopping, you will realize that it was satisfying and enjoyable. You will discover that is an effective way of acquiring all the necessities as well as a treat for yourself. Saving time and money, quick and easy access, safe transactions, and the wide selection of merchandise available, online shopping is one of the most pleasant experiences.


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Tennis Online Shop

Tennis is a life-long sport that brings health, fun and exercise together on the court. Playing tennis helps adults or children to stay fit or get fit when exercise is incorporated into a weight loss program. The excitement of the game, the camaraderie among players and the joy of healthy competition keeps people playing tennis once they learn the basics.

However, even for pros, having the proper equipment and accessories to play the game is imperative. A tennis online shop is an easy way to find the newest, best equipment and clothing for the sport. Inexpensive racquets, poor-fitting tennis outfits and tennis shoes that pinch toes or form blisters on heels will take away the ability to excel in this lively, trendy sport.

There’s no need to travel miles looking for a well-stocked sports store or find the tennis shop closest to home when tennis players can go to a tennis online shop that has a vast stock of equipment and accessories.


The tennis shop carries many brands, sizes and styles of racquets for men, women and children. Brands like Wilson, Babolat, Head Youtek, Dunlop and Prince are only some of the finely-crafted tennis racquets available at a tennis online shop.

The tennis shop is the place to go whether one is looking for a practice racquet or a racquet with special features such as those designed for exceptional control, added power, special sizing or the ideal grip.

A tennis online shop may also offer players the chance to try out a racquet for a small shipping price, so worry about returning a racquet is not necessary. Many players choose to demo a few racquets at a time to find the exact one that fits their needs. The tennis shop is eager to help the player find the perfect racquet and provides a wealth of information on their website to aid in the purchase of equipment or accessories.


A tennis online shop offers a wide variety of tennis apparel created by outstanding designers that use the most high-tech, high-performance, moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics available.

Although tennis apparel must function beautifully on the court, players are also looking for form and style too. Tennis outfits should fit well and look good, which will enhance the confidence of the player. Tennis apparel should never distract the player from the game by pulling, snagging or bunching.

Tennis shoes

The tennis shop carries a line of the finest tennis footwear you can buy. Lacoste, addidas, Prince and Nike Air are some of the current top-sellers you can find in stock at online tennis shops. Some online stores will accept returns if the shoes are not what was expected or if there’s a problem with size or fit.

Children and teens

Youngsters can shop online under their parents’ supervision and select the styles, colors and brands that they like. Children are often trend-setters and know specifically which colors are in, what style tennis dress or brand tennis shoe is hot, and they don’t want to settle for the type of leftover tennis gear found in some local sports shops.