Online Shopping Deals for College Students

Going to college represents the beginning of an unprecedented level of independence for most students. They will live apart from their parents for the first time and be required to make daily decisions related to everything from academics to personal finances. Some young adults thrive in this situation, but others end up making poor choices that have lasting consequences.

For instance, one familiar problem among this age group is money management. In fact, the idea of a “broke college student” is so commonplace as to be cliché. That’s why it’s important for young adults to learn how to get the most out of their money by shopping for hot deals and discounts on whatever they want to buy rather than settling for full retail price. By performing even basic price comparison research, they can enjoy significant savings on many of the products college students need most, including the following.

Laptops and electronics. Laptops are preferable to desktop computers because of their portability and space-saving features, but they can be hard to shop for since prices and features vary greatly. This is where an automatic price comparison tool, which scans the offerings of thousands of merchants in mere seconds, can help quickly uncover hidden savings. The same goes for other must-have electronics such as Blu-ray players, MP3 players, speakers, and home gaming systems.

Textbooks and school supplies. Textbooks are notoriously expensive, so finding hot deals on the semester’s required reading list can result in savings of hundreds of dollars. Since you’re not likely to get the best bargains on campus, be prepared to stock up on books, pens, highlighters, and other school supplies at an online store.

Furniture and accessories. Dorm rooms are so sparsely furnished that they could easily double as monks’ quarters. In order to make the room more cozy and homelike, students will have to purchase some basic furniture and accessories. Wall art, such as framed prints or posters, are always a hit in dorms, and futons or beanbag chairs can help make the space more comfortable. Performing a quick price comparison at multiple web stores can lead to hot deals on new furnishings. Best of all, online merchants can ship directly to the dorm for a hassle-free move in day.

Linens and bath items. Students are expected to supply their own linens and bath items, too. This usually includes such things as a mattress pad, bed sheets (extra-long twin size), blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and a comforter, as well as towels, toiletries, flip-flops or shower shoes, a shower caddy, and a bathrobe. Most stores have white sales in July or August, so it shouldn’t be hard to find hot deals in those months.

As students prepare to leave for college, they should be equipped with some basic shopping and budgeting know-how so that their newfound independence doesn’t lead them into financial trouble. Learning how price comparison works is a simple first step that can deliver immediate results in the form of cash savings on every purchase. Begin by shopping for hot deals on the above school items, and move forward from there.